Blogtour: The Best of Crimes by KC Maher

Walter, a child prodigy who now works on Wall Street, considers himself a father figure to Amanda, his daughter’s best friend and only child of a neglectful single mother. But when he loses his job after the 2008 financial crisis and his materialistic wife leaves him, taking their daughter, his relationship with Amanda enters a precarious new stage.

Walter struggles to give her the affection and guidance she needs, without succumbing to her budding sexuality. In the year before she enters high school, these two lonely souls will transform each other as Walter breaks out of his emotional shell, and Amanda blossoms into adolescence.

In a world that has always failed to protect its most vulnerable, The Best of Crimes is a new narrative and an unconventional love story that will challenge your perception of right and wrong.

This was an interesting book, because I felt incredibly guilty about enjoying it. The subject matter is a little taboo – think Lolita and you get the basic gist. I felt a little…I don’t know…”dirty” reading this I guess. Not in a Fifty Shades style, but in a way I haven’t really seen before in a novel (apart from Lolita, like I say).

I will not spoil the premise of the novel, but I found it very intriguing and wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen. Does Walter the main character succumb to his feelings or not? You’ll have to read to find out/

Personally I found this a little hard to get into, although that may have been my frame of mind at the time (I had a lot of changes going on in my life at this point) but once I got into it, I enjoyed it a lot. I will re-read this again in the future!

If you’re a fan of questionable morals and mysteries surrounding this, I would recommend this. If you’re easily offended and the idea of Lolita disgusts you, stay away. Unless you want to try a similar story.

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K.C. Maher’s short fiction has appeared in literary journals including Ascent, Black Warrior Review, Confrontation, Cottonwood, Gargoyle, and The View From Here. Her work has reached short-list status in various contests, including the Iowa School of Letters Award and Drue Heinz Literature Prize. The is her debut novel. She is mother to two children and lives in New York City with her husband



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