Book Blast: Deliver Me by Karen Cole

Please note, this is a report from 1st November 2018.

When Abby’s doctor tells her she’s two months pregnant she doesn’t believe him. She can’t be – she hasn’t had sex for over a year. But to her astonishment and dismay, multiple tests confirm it’s true.

Desperately searching for an explanation, Abby recalls New Year’s Day – the terrible hangover, the hole in her memory where the night before should have been and the inexplicable sense of unease – and realises that this baby must have been conceived at her best friend Danny’s NYE party.

Horrified that someone would have taken advantage of her intoxicated state, Abby enlists the help of Danny to find out which of the party guests assaulted her. But, when she starts to receive anonymous messages, it seems that while she has been looking into the father of her baby, someone has been watching her…

I watched Inside No 9 the other day on BBC Two. It was incredible and (no spoilers here) I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen next. I spent the majority of the episode turned away because I was so nervous about what was going to happen. You may be wondering why I decided to open my review with this sentence. This is because I feel like I can relate my feelings with this with Deliver Me, a tension filled, edgy, intriguing novel.

This is so completely different to anything I have read for a very long time. Despite this, it is eerily easy to imagine that this could actually happen in real life, which I find unsettling and exciting at the same time. There are so many occasions where I thought I knew what was going on and then the rug was pulled from under me. (This is similarly how I felt about Inside No 9, hence the comparison earlier on).

I have often found myself thinking of this novel when I’m in the middle of doing something completely mundane. This in my opinion is a sign of a truly great and terrifying story. This was hugely appropriate for Hallowe’en and now I feel like I want to watch more Inside No 9 to calm down. Yes, this is that terrifying.

Please, if you love psychological thrillers, add this to your list. You will not regret it!

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