Blogtour: The Good Friend by Jo Baldwin

Once upon a time they were best friends. They were all friends. So when Jenny moved to Australia to focus on her swimming career, she not only lost Kath, but her soul-mate Tom. It was for the best. Or so they said. Now, eight years later, Jenny seeks out her childhood friend and heads to rural France where Kath has settled.

At first the women fall back into a close relationship, but before long strange and malicious behaviour leads Jenny to realise the truth: that Kath has played a clever game all along to manipulate and control those around her. And Jenny is her biggest victim.
Set against the glorious backdrop of the Languedoc lavender fields, The Good Friend is a beautifully written psychological drama about love, lies and a dangerous obsession. Because once the truth is revealed, there’s no going back…

This novel involves a love triangle between the three main adults of the story, Jenny, Kath and Tom. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers (as usual with these reviews) but throughout the book, you do find yourself wondering if Kath is really as good a friend as we first think of whether there is something more sinister going on.

I had to keep reading this when I started because I just wanted to know what happened next! Little pieces of information are interspersed throughout and I found that I often thought about the plotlines when I wasn’t actually reading the book. This book explores the idea of toxic friendships and whether it is really worth keeping a friendship alive purely because it’s been there for most of your life. I did find the beginning a little slow, but once it got going I wanted to see what else would be revealed about the past. No spoilers again, but there was one point in particular which really pulled the rug from under me. I won’t say when, but you’ll know when you hit it.

I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers which build slowly and reveal details bit by bit. If you’re more interested in immediate action, this may not be for you. If you have the patience, go for this one! It was worth it in the end!


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