Blogtour: She’s Having Her Baby – Lauren Sams

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my stop on the She’s Having Her Baby Blog Tour!

Georgie Henderson doesn’t want to have kids, but her best friend, Nina, has wanted to have a baby for as long as she can remember. Sadly, Nina’s uterus refuses to cooperate. One drunken evening, Nina asks Georgie for the ultimate favour: would she carry a baby for her? Georgie says yes and spends the next nine months wondering why.

With intense bacon-and-egg roll cravings and distant memories of what her feet look like, Georgie tries to keep it all together in her dream job as the editor of Jolie magazine. Her love life’s a mess – and sauvignon blanc’s off the menu – leaving Georgie to deal with twists in her life she never expected.

Sams has created the Australian Bridget Jones in this hilarious story, an emotive trajectory that pushes the boundaries of rom-com fiction.

This story was a lot more uplifting than I was expecting. I don’t have much experience with infertility as I am still quite young and haven’t even considered children yet, and neither have many people I know. I’m aware it can be devastating for people who are desperate to start their own families and I feel like this was dealt with in a delicate and interesting manner. Nina – the friend who would love to have a baby – is an incredibly likeable character, and although you do feel for her, she isn’t pathetic and has a bit of backbone. It’s good to see her as “human”. I would actually be very interested to read the same story but with her as the protagonist narrating the story. I feel that would have made an exciting and unusual story.

I sometimes read other reviews of the book I review just to see how my opinions compare to others (not to steal their ideas though, obviously! Just intrigue really) and I have seen a few which state that they are not a fan of George (Georgia), the narrator and main character of the story. Usually this is because she judges other women and seemingly thinks she is better than them for not wanting a baby. I’m not sure why, but I don’t actually see where people are getting this from. In fact, Ellie annoyed me more! But that might just be a reflection of my own personality, rather than the story itself. I actually found I could relate to George quite a lot, which when reading the other reviews worries me slightly! Having said that, there were plenty of other reviews that state that they could also relate to George, so I guess that isn’t so bad after all!

The end (don’t worry, not a spoiler) gives way to the possibility of a sequel. There is one loose end that is implied but not quite resolved and I would like to know what happens there (not to give away too much, but “Colin” should give you enough of a clue). The ending seemed a tiny bit rushed, that’s all. If there’s a sequel, I’m sure this will be balanced out (which after a little searching, I believe there is one. Not sure when it’s released in the UK though).

One other thing (which was actually my own stupidity rather than anything else) was that I was utterly confused when there were lots of references to summer in January – until I realised that the story is based in Australia. So bear this in mind, any international readers out there! There are a few Australian references, but not so many that it ruins the narrative (plus if you’re not sure it’s always worth googling anyway, as you’ll learn something new!).

Overall, I did enjoy this a lot. It’s a difficult subject matter, but it is dealt with in a humorous and relatable way. Even when nothing is going your way, life is filled with ups and downs so it would be unrealistic to focus on the negative. I look forward to the sequel!

Publisher: Legend
Publication Date: 12th July 2018

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